A part-time IT manager  

Turn IT into the driver of your business. 

Improve your day-to-day life with a part-time IT manager. 

Responsiveness and proximity 

Your single point of contact monitors and manages your account. They have a global overview that allows them to be responsive when following up on your requests. Their proximity to your users helps to create a relationship of trust that lasts: they are an in-house expert who complements your team. 

Skill and expertise 

You work with a single agent who is skilled and has the right amount of expertise for your company.  

Satisfaction and budget oversight 

By accurately defining the scope of services and your support needs, you are guaranteed to receive a clear financial offer. This offer ensures greater satisfaction, as you will have access to our entire team and the necessary control to be able to change your budget over time. 

Working with a part-time IT manager makes your IT system more reliable and secure. This also ensures that you always receive good advice for establishing a process of continuous improvement and are guaranteed a minimal loss of production in the event that an issue arises. 

Proxy-Informatique, responsable informatique à temps partagé
PROXY-INFORMATIQUE est dédiée à l’informatique pour les TPE et PME. Implémentation-Personnalisation de logiciels. Systèmes CRM et ERP.
PROXY-INFORMATIQUE est dédiée à l’informatique pour les TPE et PME. Implémentation-Personnalisation de logiciels. Systèmes CRM et ERP.

Why choose a part-time IT manager? 

We offer adapted Cloud solutions through an IT manager. They work on-site or remotely, depending on your needs and your budget (for an hour, a day or the duration of a project), to support you in finding and implementing the right IT solutions and hybrid Cloud solutions. 

Their knowledge of IT, telecommunications (mobile or landline) and the challenges concerning digital communications make them your ideal partner for all things digital. This frees you up to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to your business. 

Proxy-Informatique vous présente ses logiciels. Des applications qui font gagner du temps. Implémentation et la personnalisation de logiciels.

The advantages of our approach 

Upstream evaluation of IT needs 

A single agent throughout 

The search for the best Cloud solutions to optimise or reduce your IT costs 

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Our offer of a part-time IT manager

35.00€ HTVA

Creating a hardware inventory (computers, printers, network equipment, servers, etc.). Your software programs and maintenance and subscription contracts are inventoried in full. The goal is to get an accurate overview of all your IT and telecommunications costs (fixed and mobile telephony, internet access, etc.) 

After this, time is devoted to identifying priority areas for developing your business. The goal is to make IT a tool for success. Your various needs are listed and evaluated, technically and financially, in an IT development plan.  

We plan the scope of your IT manager’s involvement in developing your projects. You also have extra time for any unexpected one-off requests. As a result, your IT budget is kept under control.

We can also support and supervise your employees (for example, network admins or maintenance technicians) when carrying out their duties. We offer our experience and our knowledge of best practices and methodological frames of reference.  

Your IT manager is available at any time of the day by landline, mobile or email. 

  • Advising you on potential developments 
  • Supporting the development of your IT system 
  • Managing your IT equipment 
  • Managing the network, server(s), workstations and peripherals 
  • Helping users to improve their skills and increase their productivity 

This offer also includes the assistance and technical support contract, which lets you receive responsive support at any time if a problem arises and to improve user satisfaction with IT tools business Cloud solutions.