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Proxy-Informatique vous présente Cubios, un logiciel pour digitaliser vos outils de pilotage pour aller plus loin. BI.

We believe in the power of digitizing management tools to enable businesses to go further and make informed decisions.

With our deep expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are the ideal choice to accompany you in your digital transformation.

ptimisez vos décisions et votre planification stratégique grâce à la Business Intelligence (BI) de Cubios. Collectez, analysez et visualisez vos données pour une prise de décision éclairée et une meilleure productivité.
Digitaliser les outils de pilotage

Consultation and Analysis

Our team will analyze your specific needs and identify opportunities for improvement in terms of Business Intelligence (BI).

We will work closely with you to understand your business goals and design customized solutions that meet your needs.

Implementation of Cubios

We will handle the complete implementation of Cubios in your company.

Our team will ensure that all technical aspects are properly configured and that data is seamlessly integrated.

We will also ensure that your employees are trained in the use of Cubios to maximize its potential.

Proxy-Informatique vous présente Exact, un logiciel de gestion Cloud pour les PME et experts-comptables. 100% Cloud 0% d'embarras.

Cubios: The key to powerful and effective digital business intelligence!

Dashboards and Visualizations

We will design customized dashboards and visualizations to enable you to easily monitor and analyze the key performance indicators of your business.

With Cubios, you will have a clear and visual view of your data, which will help you make informed decisions and quickly identify trends and opportunities.

PROXY-INFORMATIQUE est dédiée à l’informatique pour les TPE et PME. Implémentation-Personnalisation de logiciels. Systèmes CRM et ERP.

Data Integration

We will assist you in integrating your various data sources into Cubios for a consolidated and consistent view of your information.

Whether you are using data from different applications, databases, or external sources, we will ensure that everything is properly connected and that the data is updated in real time.

Your indispensable partner in Business Intelligence for exponential growth!

Training and Support

We provide comprehensive training for you and your team to get acquainted with using Cubios.

In addition, our support team is always available to answer your questions and assist you with using the platform.

A little bit of reading…

Avec BikeSoft, Exact et Cubios (bi), vous disposez d'une solution complète de comptabilité et de reporting qui transforme votre concession en un modèle d'efficacité.
With BikeSoft, Exact, and Cubios (bi), you have access to a comprehensive accounting and reporting solution that transforms your dealership into a model of efficiency.
Explorez la dernière innovation de BikeSoft : le Connecteur Cubios. Obtenez une vision complète de votre concession.
"Discover BikeSoft's latest innovation: the Cubios Connector. Gain a comprehensive view of your dealership with this revolutionary tool. Through our partnership with Cubios, BikeSoft provides you with precise reports and a 360° visual dashboard for in-depth data analysis. Make informed decisions and pave the way for a promising future for your motorcycle-ATV-bicycle dealership."
Découvrez comment Cubios révolutionne la Business Intelligence pour vous permettre de prendre des décisions éclairées et rapides.
Discover How Cubios Revolutionizes Business Intelligence to Empower Informed and Swift Decision-Making. Data Collection, Analysis, and Real-time Visualization for Optimal Performance!
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