From managing your dealership to accounting  

Proxy-Informatique présente BikeSoft, un logiciel pour les concessions Motos. De la gestion de votre concession à la comptabilité.

Tool demo

Manage your motorbikes, your customers and your suppliers 

With BikeSoft, you’ll only need to use a single tool to manage your company. 

User interface  

The various interfaces have been designed to offer an optimal user experience. 

Multiple features 

BikeSoft is packed with useful features for your dealership. Plus, these features are kept up-to-date so you always enjoy top quality. 

Customer-management module

Manage billin

Manage all your billing for each customer in just a few clicks and via automatic entries.  

Print your customer list

Print your customer list with all the information you need: invoices, motorbikes, orders, etc. 

Customer type

Manage your customer’s type effectively. You also have the option to temporarily delete it using the activity button. 

Till-management module 

X and Z reports 

The X read till report allows you to view the day’s sales at any time, as well as checkout operations that have been carried out. The Z read till report validates the day’s sales. 

Till history 

You have access to your complete sales history for the accounting year through the till-management module. 

Add information 

Add information, such as labour, or simply add a comment before entering the sale in the database.  

Main features 

Improving collaboration between suppliers, dealerships and customers  

Bringing added value to your sales 

Managing motorbikes through the technical data sheet 

Managing customers/suppliers 

The right information to the right person at the right time.  

Managing inventory 

Managing planning/maintenance 

Managing the tills 

An app designed to help you 

Supplier and order management

With BikeSoft, you have an overview of your orders with suppliers. 

Motorbike management

Managing motorbikes via the technical sheet and recovering used motorbikes. 

Managing the till and till operations

Managing the till in respect of X and Z read reports.  

Managing customers and relevant documents

Quotes, purchase orders, invoices, credit notes. Manage your customers in an optimal manner with BikeSoft. 

Managing inventory

Access your inventory from any device with the BikeSoft app.  

Scheduling maintenance

Scheduling and rescheduling maintenance with customers and sending them the latest changes directly from the platform via text. 

Managing statistics

Generating different graphs of your statistics. You can generate various sales or company-level statistics. 

Managing your inventory

Obtain a real-time overview of your inventory. This makes it possible to plan the purchase of new parts before they run out. 

Managing finances

Keep a close eye on your finances at all times with BikeSoft. BikeSoft also provides accounting functionality. 

In the past, you had to manually enter different prices for your goods, which was a time-consuming task. Today, thanks to BikeSoft, you don’t have to do that anymore. The product library is automatically populated. ‘ 

Unlike other software programs, BikeSoft specialises in motorbikes, quad bikes and bicycles. As a result, it has all the special features we need for our products. 

BikeSoft saved us time, whether through better management of the workshop or how easy it is to place an order. Even the link between stock and accounting is easy.’ 

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Proxy-Informatique présente BikeSoft, un logiciel pour les concessions Motos. De la gestion de votre concession à la comptabilité.


PROXY-INFORMATIQUE is starting to design BikeSoft V2! 

This one-of-a-kind software program boasts state-of-the-art technology that will save you time. All you need is a computer and an internet connection!