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Besoin d’un logiciel de gestion Cloud pour les PME et experts-comptables ?
Exact is an online management software application for business owners and accountants. It is the foundation for any successful business, thanks to its two-in-one combination of accounting and CRM features. We have integrated software programs for SMEs involved in production, commerce and professional services. 

Working with business Cloud solutions is easy and secure. You do not have to install anything, you never have to apply updates and you can dive straight into work for a fixed low cost each month. Throw in flexible subscriptions and reduced IT fees and ask yourself one question: why am I not working in the Cloud yet? 

Become more efficient: everything is automated through a flexible online subscription. 

Get more out of online collaborations: work together for the best result. 

Improve results: make better decisions thanks to a round-the-clock overview of all the numbers. 

Everything at hand, anywhere, any time 

Picture it: you’re at the bank or meeting with your accountant or lawyer and they ask you for your financial accounts. Or you’re with a client and trying to find that important contract or unpaid invoice. No problem! Find your documents immediately with a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. 

Work safely and reliably 

Is your company data secure in the Cloud? Absolutely! It may even be safer than it is in your company. Data is stored in extremely secure data centres. Vendors take care of managing, updating and maintaining your data. It is not necessary to have a computer expert in your company. 

Flexible monthly subscriptions 

Only pay for what you actually use. This is possible with Cloud solutions. No surprises – just one fixed fee every month. Fixed, yet flexible. Your subscription grows with you. Adapt the number of files and users needed easily. Or add apps. Or upgrade to an industry-specific subscription. Working with business Cloud solutions is just that flexible. 

Online collaboration 

Collaborate online with your colleagues, partners, clients and accountants easily. The Cloud is a perfect solution for collaborating and storing data. All of your company’s data and documents can be stored in a single location. You can find everything quickly and get rid of bulky filing cabinets. Save time and money. Now and in the future. 

Get to work quickly 

It’s very easy to start working with Cloud solutions. Just log in and you’re online! Need help? In that case, take one of our free training courses. Alternatively, browse the detailed online help. You can then get straight to work, any time you want. We answer questions by email, chat or phone during business hours. 

Exact Cloud Management Software  

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  • Be proactive with optimised processes. 
  • Improve your services and customer satisfaction.  
  • Share information with your customers and suppliers easily.  
  • Take control of your stock, unpaid invoices and obligations. 

Professional services 
  • Sell, plan, complete projects and draft invoices using an integrated business Cloud solution. 
  • Get an overview of costs, turnover and work availability.  
  • Enter times and costs easily online, no matter where you are.  
  • Manage invoices quickly, correctly and on time. 

Accounting and CRM 
  • Make better decisions by viewing your finances in real time.  
  • Keep your business running smoothly by managing your accounts quickly and efficiently. 
  • Improve customer satisfaction with integrated relationship management.  
  • Calculate your prices quickly. 
  • Manage production via work orders.  
  • Make better decisions with an overview of your margins.  
  • Automate administrative work. 

We help you to get the most out of the Cloud 

Commercial expertise 

We devote all of our time to you before you invest your money. Understanding how our clients do business is essential for us as a private Cloud provider, so that we can help them transform their processes, improve efficiency and achieve their goals with innovative Cloud solutions designed for a specific industry.   

Product expertise 

You have to see it to believe it. Our professional consultants identify the best Exact accounting and management software for your company’s needs, while making sure that you’re involved every step of the way. This includes a customised demo that allows you to try our solutions before you buy. 

Ongoing support 

We’re always there when you need us. Once we have identified the best software for your business, we help you to use it effectively. We remain available to you afterwards, in case you need help. 


  • High-level expertise that allows you to find the best Cloud solutions for your needs.  
  • A wide range of industry-specific software programs, apps and services, so you have the features you need to grow.  
  • In-depth knowledge of the latest Cloud developments and the benefits they can offer your business. -  
  • Smooth, hassle-free implementation and ongoing support from experts to help you to succeed. 

« The human aspect is something that we really want to focus on. Our IT experts do not speak in IT jargon and are there to understand and help our clients’ businesses.»

Integrated Cloud solutions: our speciality  

E-commerce experts  

We understand the challenges facing e-commerce companies, such as managing online inventory, processing returns and payment methods. We have a wealth of experience in offering hybrid Cloud solutions for e-commerce companies through Exact software, e-commerce apps and services that are customised to your business needs. 

Retail specialists  

We understand the challenges facing retail businesses, such as inventory management and organising points of sale. We have a wealth of experience in offering hybrid Cloud solutions for retail businesses through Exact software, point-of-sale (POS) apps and services that are customised to your business needs. 

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