From automation to securing networks 

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ESIA monitors your infrastructure and offers a centralised overview via a single interface 

What is a business process? 

A business process is an activity that is essential to business productivity. It depends on a chain of hardware and interconnected apps. 

How does it benefit you? 

By monitoring business processes, ESIA allows you to get an overview of your activities and frees you from dealing with technical issues. These are left to technical managers. As a result, each user has a customised view based on how they use the tool. 

ESIA products 

ESIA Unity

ESIA Galaxy

ESIA Infinity

ESIA Universe

Main features 

The right information to the right person at the right time.  
Improve collaboration between your various connection kits
Be warned of problems before they occur 

Esia unity


Once it has been plugged in, the ESIA Unity mini-server automatically connects to your central ESIA Universe server. ESIA Unity is easy to pick up and enables you to start monitoring in a matter of minutes. 

PROXY-INFORMATIQUE est dédiée à l’informatique pour les TPE et PME. Implémentation-Personnalisation de logiciels. Systèmes CRM et ERP.


ESIA Unity is independent from your entire network, unlike heavyweight agent-based solutions. 


You have a mini-server to plug in to the network you want to monitor. The mini-server collects information and sends it to your centralised interface. 


The ESIA Unity mini-server is connected directly to your personal interface and not the network in which it is located. As a result, you can move it around as needed.  

Esia Galaxy

Ready to use

Once the server has been installed, you can start monitoring. You have a powerful tool that can monitor an entire company. 

Independent of the Cloud

Deploy ESIA Galaxy in networks of any kind, even without an internet connection. 

Simplified management

Centralise monitoring in ESIA Universe to make day-to-day management easier. Log in remotely and manage ESIA Galaxy with ease. 


Don’t need a physical server? No problem! We can install the solution on an external service or a virtual machine. 

ESIA Infinity

Powerful and robust 

ESIA Infinity facilitates effective monitoring. You can cover your entire infrastructure, regardless of its size or the number of remote sites present 


Reap the benefits of all the features included in ESIA. As a result, you have end-to-end monitoring from day one. 


ESIA Infinity makes it possible to adapt ESIA to your needs. We work together to build the solution that is best suited to your business! 

ESIA support 

If necessary, our team of consultants can advise you and offer training in how best to use your Cloud solutions. 

Esia Universe

Create dynamic dashboards. 

Generate reports that are tailored to their recipient. 

Take control of your hardware remotely. 

Stay up to date with key events by email and text.  

Manage your alerts with maintenance mode. 

Map your network with the mapping module. 

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