Cloud telephony has never been this fast, this clear or this affordable! 

Proxy-Informatique vous présente Dstny, un logiciel pour la téléphonie Cloud, votre téléphonie n'a jamais été aussi rapide !

Main features 


The right information to the right person at the right time. 

Improve communications between you and other users  

All from anywhere in the world! 

Our platform, your mobile 

Stop being isolated; encourage collaboration 

Employees can access all their data and respond appropriately to all calls and messages from clients or colleagues from anywhere in the world. 

Avoid wasting time 

Our Cloud solutions for communications are easy to use and can be adapted easily via our online management platform.  

Increased productivity  

Don’t limit your employees to one time or place; allow them to work whenever or wherever they feel most effective.  

Never miss a call 

You can be reached by landline or mobile via a single number and only have one voicemail account to access. 

Accessibility and customer satisfaction 

Optimising the employee access is a key part of making your organisation efficient. Every call is important and can come in via landline or mobile. This means that clients and colleagues can reach your employees at all times via their business phone number. 

All-in-one solution  

Delivery is carried out in a professional and personal manner, so you can focus on your main tasks. Improve efficiency by allowing your employees to communicate via an integrated network and platform and increase budget transparency with a single invoice and flat fees per user. 

Only pay for what you use 

Take a closer look at the profile of your employees and choose the best plan for that profile and their needs. This means you pay the exact amount for a specific number of users – no more, no less. Colleagues can also call each other free of charge.  

Cloud solutions. User satisfaction. A unique platform for everyone! 

Cloud Telecom gives your business a boost, without having to pay any more than you need to!  

SmartFit streamlines business communications, improving your efficiency. The platform ensures continuity of service. This means that your company remains online at all times and is always available for customers. 

Tackle digital challenges as quickly as possible 

SmartFit Fiber is a Cloud Telecom service package that instantly prepares your business for the future. All of your IT issues are solved with a small investment, allowing you to devote your full attention to running your business. 

Make yourself accessible wherever and whenever with a single number 

SmartMobile allows you to extend the features available to you in the office to mobile devices. In other words, your employees have a complete telephone exchange in their pockets and can be contacted anywhere in the world via a single number.  

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