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Recoveo / Un service de récupération de données professionnel, récupération de données sur tous types de matériels systèmes

A professional data recovery service

When a hard drive fails, many people are inclined to think that all is lost. However, this is not a fatality, far from it! In most cases, we can recover all the data!

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Data recovery from all types of hardware systems

Hard disk

Computer or Laptop failure due to hard drive not working? We are here to recover your data stored on these damaged media.

External hard drive

You have accidentally deleted your data, formatted by mistake or dropped your external hard drive and you can no longer access your important data? We bring you efficient and adapted solutions to all your problems!

SSD disk

You have lost access to your files suddenly or after accidentally made a bad manipulation, our experts are able to find your lost data despite the complexity of the operation.

Virtualized systems

Virtual data loss is always a possibility. Configuration, storage and network resources are increasingly unstable within virtualized systems virtualized systems, potentially putting your organization's data in a vulnerable position.


We take care of all breakdowns: electronic card, mechanical (motor or reading head), access, etc; for all systems and brands.


When you lose files from your Android phone, it's essential to know who to consult. IT providers perform repairs, but do not provide data recovery.

That's where we come in!

Server & San

Server down because of one or more failed disks, making noise, flashing strangely,... Our specialists are able to recover your data stored on these damaged media.

Apple (Mac)

Our experts have the knowledge, know-how and equipment to recover data from all types of MAC computers.

Memory card

Deleted data from your memory card or unreadable files due to corruption... Our data recovery lab is able to recover your data despite the extreme difficulty of accessing the data.

USB key

USB flash drives are convenient and functional media for carrying your data anywhere. But be aware that solid-state data storage devices are subject to electronic failure that can result in data loss.


When hackers make your data inaccessible, call on the unique know-how of our company!

Recoveo, the solution

Data loss is sometimes the result of physical failures (electronic or mechanical) for which software can do nothing. It is therefore necessary to entrust its support to engineers who follow strict procedures to maximize results.

+ More than 100 000 rescues ensured by Recoveo

Our priority: your satisfaction!