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Information technology with humans as the sole common point.

Your Partner in Cybersecurity and Custom Software Solutions

Welcome to the world of PROXY-INFORMATIQUE, your trusted partner to meet your cybersecurity needs and provide tailor-made software solutions. We are here to protect your business against online threats and offer software solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

« The human aspect is something that we really want to focus on. Our IT experts do not speak in IT jargon and are there to understand and help our clients’ businesses »

La sécurité des données est devenue l'un des principaux défis pour les entreprises dans un monde de plus en plus connecté.


Ensure the sustainability of your business with our cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

Proxy-Informatique présente BikeSoft, un logiciel pour la gestion des magasin/concession motos - vélos - quads.


Revolutionize the management of your dealership with BikeSoft, the customized solution for motorcycle, quad, and bicycle professionals.

Custom Software Solutions

Unleash the potential of your business with our tailor-made software, designed specifically to meet your unique needs.

Secure your business with our expertise in cybersecurity

In a constantly evolving digital world, cybersecurity is essential. At PROXY-INFORMATIQUE, we are committed to protecting your business from digital threats.

Our team of experts works tirelessly to monitor, anticipate, and prevent cyber attacks. Your security is our top priority.

« We advise and implement business software that is designed, developed, tested, and approved. We prioritize Cloud solutions to avoid the purchase of expensive servers. We select and customize appropriate modules of existing software for our clients and, in some cases, offer additional developments to ensure that the tool precisely meets their expectations. »

Your needs, your solution: Custom Software for your business

We are proud to offer you tailor-made software solutions, adapted to your specific needs. Whether you need to manage your data, optimize your processes, or strengthen your customer relationships, we have the solution. Our software is designed to meet your requirements, whether it's in CRM or ERP.

BikeSoft: Your Management Solution for Motorcycle, Quads, and Bicycle Dealerships

Optimize your operations and improve your business efficiency with BikeSoft, our management solution designed specifically for motorcycle, quads, and bicycle dealerships.

Our Expertise and Our Commitment

We take pride in our expertise in cybersecurity and our ability to create tailor-made software solutions. With PROXY-INFORMATIQUE, you have a trusted partner watching over your business.

PROXY-INFORMATIQUE est dédiée à l’informatique pour les TPE et PME. Implémentation-Personnalisation de logiciels. Systèmes CRM et ERP.

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Besoin d’un logiciel de gestion Cloud pour les PME et experts-comptables ?
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Proxy-Informatique présente BikeSoft, un logiciel pour les concessions Motos, quads, vélos. De la gestion de votre concession à la comptabilité.
Proxy-Informatique vous présente Dstny, un logiciel pour la téléphonie Cloud, votre téléphonie n'a jamais été aussi rapide !
Proxy-Informatique vous présente Cubios, un logiciel pour digitaliser vos outils de pilotage pour aller plus loin. BI.
Maximisez la sécurité de votre entreprise avec Esia : Supervision avancée et Protection complète
Recoveo / Un service de récupération de données professionnel, récupération de données sur tous types de matériels systèmes

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Join us to protect your business against online threats and optimize your operations with our tailor-made software solutions, including BikeSoft, your management solution for motorcycle, quads, and bicycle dealerships. We work hand in hand with you to create a safer and more efficient digital future.

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